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India’s largest, and probably the most innovative mobile commerce platform, Paytm has now launched a newly updated Wallet app for its android users, loaded with all those iOS features which Paytm unveiled during the launch of its iOS app just days ago.

The wallet, which is currently entrusted by more than 50 million users, is now loaded with new features that allow money transfer, request money, storing money online and do payments on the go other than basic mobile payments or recharging data card features.

The new features that have been introduced include Slide To pay & request Money from Anybody- within the app. Another Sliding feature introduced in the new Android App, is the the Slide to Right to allow easy transfer of money to friends and family.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 9.06.26 pm

In a blogpost by the company, it stated that

Anyone can paytm money, who has a paytm wallet. Also Did you know, you can even transfer money to your taxi driver’s paytm wallet when he doesn’t have change?

The new app also allows users to send reminder message to their friend requesting them to pay back the money.

However, what makes Paytm’s new Wallet app for Android all the more interesting, is the integration of instant messaging into it. Paytm has skilfully leveraged the power and favouritism around IM, buy allowing you to convert all your ongoing transactions with other Wallet users, into conversations. Once in a conversation with the other user, you can simply IM the other user, bargain for a certain product, and pay the amount instantaneously.

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Apart from those new features, the new app also a features a bold, revamped design with all previous features like best deals, debit/credit card saver, kept intact.

You can head on to the Play Store and download the new app.


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