We knew Microsoft was coming up with integration of Android apps into Windows, but Objective C too ! Much to everyone’s surprise, Microsoft has today announced that developers will now be able to run apps written in Java, C or Objective C on Windows devices, by re-compiling them easily for Windows devices.

Developers who have coded their apps for Android would now be able to take advantage of both Android and Windows. Microsoft confirmed that it has set up a way to allow apps made for Android in Java and C++ to be quickly complied for Windows 10.

And now, for the bigger news. Its not just Android apps which can be re-compiled for Windows, Microsoft is also announcing similar support for iOS apps too, by allowing developers to edit code written in Objective C, on Visual Studio.

And guess what ! The candy crush Saga app which you’ve been running on your beloved Windows device, is actually an iOS app, re-compiled for Windows. Yeah, that’s a surprise ! And nobody (except the developers) knew about it !

Apart from Android and iOS apps, Microsoft also announced that Developers will now be able to convert their .NET, Win32 apps too, for the Windows Store.

Developers using .NET and Win 32 cannot publish their apps on Windows Store as of now, but Microsoft today announced, that developers developing apps in .NET or Win32 will now be able to easily recompile their code for Windows devices, and then publish it on Windows Store.

And, as apart of Microsoft’s newest initiative, Adobe will be bringing both Photoshop and Premiere Elements to the Windows store.


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