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After months of wait, Microsoft’s ambitious IE-revamping attempt, Project Spartan finally has a name. And as fashionable and trendy as it could get, the newest browser on your Windows 10 OS will be called, the “Microsoft Edge”.

Apart from the name though, there is nothing more to it. The UI and and entire look & feel remain the same.

You see that same flat, minimalistic UI which Microsoft debuted earlier this year. You’ll also get a new tab page that shows other websites as well as handy info like weather.

However, similar to that awesome re-compiling-made-easy thing that Microsoft did with Android, iOS app integration into Windows devices, the company has announced that it will be making easier for users to port their Chrome or other third-party browser extensions into the new Microsoft Edge browser.

So Edge it is, and no matter how disastrous IE’s exit turned out to be, the new name and feel is catchier, trendier and probably good enough to provide Microsoft, an ‘edge’ over other browser options.

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