Lots of funding, lots of tech, a lot happened over this week. And while you may have had a busy week, we have got you 11 most important stories from The tech Portal, right here, right now.

  1. Starting with Cyber-attacks (one hell of a start that is !), a FireEye report suggested that Chinese cyber-spying India, South-East Asian nations for over a decade.
  2. The biggest internet debate in India’s history surged up several notches, when consumers bashed Flipkart for becoming a “preferred” shopping app on Airtel Zero by paying up money. As a result of all those bashing, Flipkart pulled out of Airtel Zero, marking a major win for India’s Net Neutrality Debate.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet.org project too faced the wrath, though in Deepanshu’s personal opinion, that’s not a threat to Net Neutrality. He talked about how brands like ClearTrip, Times Internet etc. are using the current debate to fire up their brand’s image.
  4. Tata Group, one of the biggest business powerhouses in the world, entered the nascent, but rapidly rapidly growing food delivery ecosystem in India with the launch of My247market.com. Though, like all of Tata’s product, we still think a professional “product name-keeper” is urgently required !
  5. Nokia and Alcatel Lucent announced, what could be one of the biggest acquisitions in the history of telecom industry. Nokia announced that it has agreed to pay a staggering $16.6 Billion for Alcatel-Lucent, in a deal which would complete by next year.
  6. TechCrunch reported that Yahoo is reportedly in talks to acquire FourSquare, for a good $900 Million. Looks like yahoo will be spending its Alibaba-generated mass cash into buying up companies.
  7. In an exclusive story, we got a confirmation from Mozilla CEO about the exits of Mozilla President and Mobile VP as a part of a greater management restructuring scheme.
  8. A lot of funding happened in India this week too. Starting with food delivery, investors are continuing to pour in immense cash into India’s food delivery startups. After Zomato’s $50 Million round for a special food delivery service, another startup in the same domain, ZopNow scored $10 Million from Dragoneer and others. PepperTap, which also delivers gorceries, gulped in a $10 Million round from SAIF and Sequoia
  9. Startups in ed-tech are finally getting the recognition they deserver in India, with Nayi-Disha, a startup using Motion-sensing tech to develop educational games, scooping in $320K in seed round.
  10. Online and Offline hotel booking service ComMeasure secured a $1 Million round.
  11. And, mobile game development form RoboSoft got in $12 Million from numerous investors, in an encouraging sign for India’s nascent game development scene.


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