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Continuing its aggressive push to get in top talent from Silicon Valley into its management and executive board, Flipkart is reportedly in the final stages of hiring yet another Googler, Peeyush Ranjan under the Mukesh Bansal headed commerce division of the company.

Peeyush Ranjan, who is currently a Senior Engineering director at Google, will be joining Flipkart by the end of May. This follows Flipkart previous Silicon Valley and Google hire, Punit Soni who is expected to join India’s largest e-commerce player this month.

And Flipkart isn’t stopping just yet.

In March this year, Mukesh Bansal and co-founder Sachin Bansal were on an extensive trip to Silicon alley, where they meet at least three dozen dexterous potential hires in the valley. And since it has been just 2 hires as of now, you can expect at least a few more.

As bolstering technology is quite rightly the final frontier in India’s e-commerce dominance battle, hiring talent from the valley is a habit which has recently seen a sudden surge as compared to previous years.

Flipkart has been pretty vocal about how it pans to bring a complete overhaul to its technology and make it even more resilient to ever-increasing web traffic. While talking to us regarding those numerous website-crashes which Flipkart went through during Xiaomi’s flash sales, a senior Flipkart executive told us about company’s continuous plans on ramping up its tech-infrastructure. He further noted that Flipkart has been busy buying server space across the globe and is looking to upscale the entire technical framework.


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