Even though it has been over an year since Facebook announced the over $20 Billion WhatsApp deal, we hardly saw any signs of Facebook using its newly acquired IM app within its own platform. That is set to change, as photographs showing integration of a WhatsApp send button into Facebook’s Android app have been unearthed by tech blog, Geektime.

The new snapshots (as seen above) are the very fist signs of WhatsApp being integrated into Facebook through any sort of mechanism. While talks of cross-app messaging between Facebook’s standalone Messenger app and WhatsApp have been doing rounds for quite some time, we still do not have any proof of the same, apart from a few “inside sources” of course.

As is visible in the screenshot, the newly added “Send” button features a greyish WhatsApp App icon, thus indicating that you may be able to send images, videos and much more content via Facebook’s Android/iOS app to your friends, through WhatsApp.


The new button appears on the right side (for left-to-right languages) for some users in the most recent version of the Facebook for Android app.

This very first Facebook-WhatsApp integration is currently only seen in Facebook’s Android app. No such discovery has been made on its iOS app, yet.

This integration, if goes out in a public release (which it quite probably will), will be Facebook’s first and only major push towards a cross-app integration. In fact, all we have seen from Facebok is a larger and more aggressive push to promote its own Messenger platform, as seen in its this year’s F8 conference.

Do tell us in the comments section below if you could spot a similar integration within your app.


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