While Apple did tell us details about Apple Watch’s consumer availability yesterday, the Cupertino company’s smartwatch may not see the light of the day in Switzerland, at least until the end of this year.

Swiss news website RTS reported that Apple Watch has been hit by patent issues in Switzerland and may not see the release happening at least by the end of this year.

But interestingly, it isn’t Apple Watch itself which is causing a patent block. RTS further reported that its Apple’s logo, which supposedly can not be used in Switzerland. Apple cannot use the image of an “apple” nor the word “apple” to launch its watch within Switzerland, the news website reported citing a federal regulatory document.

The document, reprinted on the RTS website, was published by trade magazine Business Montres & Joaillerie, RTS said.

The patent is set to last till December 5 this year, thus indicating that Apple might not be able to offer its luxurious offering in the home of luxury watches.


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