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Microsoft launches a Mobile version of its DOS OS for Lumia smartphones

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Microsoft has announced that the evergreen DOS operating system, the one which virtually acts as the back bone for majority of softwares developed today, has now been released in a mobile format for Lumia smartphones, as a separate OS.

The MS-DOS Mobile preview is an essential download. Whether you’re going back to BASIC, or simply booting into DOS for the first time, MS-DOS Mobile marks the next step in Microsoft’s reinvention of productivity.

The OS allows you to run a number of already installed applications, while the sleuths amongst you will delight in uncovering a few extra special features – all through the medium of the much-loved C:\ prompt.

As for the command line and interface, everything is pretty much similar to what your usual DOS has. In fact, we could clearly see a modern touch into the overall feel of the mobile DOS system. Th design can be pretty much summed up by what Daniel Glass who led design on the project said:

The inspiration for the graphical design is Courier New meets film noir.


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