KeepTrax, an online personal digital journal to record anything and everything about the places you travel, has secured a $1 Million seed round from Naya Ventures and others. The start-up, which is headquartered in Dallas, has an engineering unit in Hyderabad in India.

The startup has a patent pending platform, wherein a traveller’s physical location is transformed into a digital identity with the help of smartphone’s GPS and other location sharing features. The newly created digital identity acts as event pins, and stores details like location name, address, dates, times, durations, photos, calendar and other context.

Kedar Benegal, founder and CEO of KeepTrax says,

Whether navigating busy routines near home, or discovering new places far away, people have a practical and emotional connection with the places they visit

While KeepTrax was originally designed by its founders for use in travel, a significant traction in other similar dimensions led to KeepTrax being offered in multitude of domains. One of those examples of KeepTrax’s usage is in sales department. While the sales-specific platform is still under development, it would allow companies to easily keep a record of all client and sales prospect visits – including dates, times, durations, photos, distances, and other details that any field sales person today needs to monitor and track.

KeepTrax is also offering advanced APIs and iOS, Android and Web SDKs to developers who wish to integrate KeepTrax features and functions into their own Apps and Sites. In addition to pin capture and curation (name, dates, times, locations, photos, calendar, context etc.), the platform offers advanced reporting and analytics tools and capabilities for a range of use cases.



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