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Tim Cook wants to make sure that Apple Watch comes out picture-perfect, when he launches it in the Special press event on March 9th. Bloomberg reports that Apple is now allowing developers like Facebook into its Secret Lab, to fine-tune the apps before it goes official.

Other notable developers, who have been given the chance to make their apps bug-free, includes the likes of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, United Continental Holdings Inc. along with Facebook and others.

In fact, sources say that developers from these firms and a few others, have been in Apple’s headquarters for weeks now, working in sync with the smartwatch to test and fine-tune applications that will debut alongside Apple Watch next month.

While Apple allowing developers access to its lab is interesting, what’s even more fascinating is the entire build-up of that very lab.

Sources further say that the lab is completely blocked from all outside communication, thus allowing developers complete solace while they make their way through thousands of lines of codes. Not just this, no internet access is present, with restrictions on even the most authoritative people on bringing anything from outside the lab.

Stephen Gates, VP and creative director for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., which is building a watch application to unlock hotel-room doors, told to Bloomberg,

There’s a lot of confidentiality

Apple is expected to unveil more about Apple Watch and its applications, in a special press event on March 9th. Though we’ll get to know more on March 9th, shipping still isn’t expected to start until next month.


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