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Google launches Google Domains Public Beta in the U.S.

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Google’s very own Domain registration service, Google Domains has now been launched in the U.S. Though launched for public, the service is still in its beta phase.

Google Domains was earlier available only to a select number of testers. The service rolled out for the general public this morning.

A domain registering service from Google will finally complete Google’s voided web-based applications ecosystem. Google will now directly compete with the likes of GoDaddy, which filed a $100 Million, moments before Google’s Domains service went live for public.

And though the service is named Google ‘Domains’, it actually offers a lot more than just domains. Once you get a domain through Google, you also get your own personalised Dashboard, where other Google service like Blogger and various website themes are already embedded.

Google already rules the e-mail market with its Gmail service and it has made sure to utilise that in this new product launch. Google is offering features like free email forwarding to your Gmail inbox, something which until now involved a whole lot of configuration. But since you get a domain from Google now, integration to a Gmail inbox (and other Google service) is expected to be seamless.


Apart from this, Google is also offering features like free domain forwarding, support for up to 100 sub-domains and support for even the newest domains. Domain endings like .club or .guru can also be purchased through Google Domains.

However, Google has made it clear that the service is still in beta phase.

While in beta, Google partnered with a horde of website builder providers like wix or weebly. Google Domain customers will be able to build websites from scratch, using the drag and drop website builders which services like wix or weebly or spotify provide.

You can expect more features to come in, since this is still a beta launch. Google Apps are still not integrated and may well get into Google Doains with the next update.

But keeping everything else apart, the biggest advantage you get through Google Domains ? Unarguably, the trust that you have when you use Google Services.

The service is not yet available in India or any other country, except the U.S.



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