MediaTek, the semiconductor company has announced its smart TV SoC chip to be used in SONY’s first Android TV encompassing the Japanese giant’s famed picture-quality algorithm.

SONY’s new Android TV will run on the latest Android version, 5,0 , Lollipop. Now, users can watch movies and shows directly from Google Play and stream apps and play games via the voice search with this SoC chip powered Android TV.

SONY just announced it’s wafer thin Android TV earlier in this year’s CES and things are looking better for this TV day by day. SONY’s x900C Android TV is even thinner than it’s latest Xperia phone. The quality and performance of SONY’s TVs are obviously top notch and they keep climbing up the ladder aiming for excellence.

This Android TV also works with Chromecast and it also supports Ultra HD streaming content. This means that the users can cast their favorite shows or movies from their mobile phones or computers directly to their TV’s for a better experience.

Fresh developments in SONY’s TV world are very promising and the features that SONY’s new hardware and software boast of are expected from a company of that stature. However, the only downside to SONY’s products has been their steep-pricing, which makes them unpopular among consumers.

These pricing startegies were one of the major reasons behind Sony shutting down its Vaio series of notebooks and laptops.

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