The internet populace went in a frenzy for an hour or so today, when Twitter suddenly went down. Though we were able to send tweets, messages but those tweets were not visible to anyone. In fact the home twitter feed updated at a snail’s pace, and sometimes didn’t update at all. The issue has now been rectified.

The downtime, which occurred a few hours ago, was largely unnoticeable in India due to the fact that it was probably 5-6 A.M. when the outage occurred. However, media reports from across the globe have confirmed the outage.

Twitter had also posted a message, saying that it is indeed aware of the Timeline issue and is working to get those services back. It later updated that message that the service has been resolved.

Between 16:51 and 18:30 PST today , users experienced a delay in tweets appearing in their timelines. This issue has been fully resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

This is the second outage which the social networking service has seen within a week. It earlier went down when users were experiencing Sign In issues in the service. Well, time to remove those Lizard accounts I guess ?

IMAGE : marek.sotak / FLICKR / CC 2.0

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