And finally, we finally have a grand pre-reception to CES 2015. Nvidia, which is convening a grand press conference prior to CES 2015, has just announced its highly anticipated Drive CX, which is quite rightly, ‘(the) Most advanced digital cockpit in the world’.

As per demonstrations showed by Nvidia CEO Huang, Drive CX is putting up a whole new level to your car’s cockpit. Powered by Nvidia’s Maxwell GPU, Drive CX has put in some exciting ambience to your usually simple car cockpit.

The Drive CX can go onto a staggering resolution of 16.6 Million. It runs on Nvidia’s latest Maxwell GPU and on its exclusive, Drive Studio software platform.

Nvidia said,

We believe the future car will pack an enormous amount of compute capability. Future cars will have more computing horsepower than anything you own today. We imagine these displays will replace many of the current capabilities of your car. Your mirror could become a smart display. The pillars around your car could become screens.

The new cluster is breathtaking to the eye with a host of customisation options. Front panel can be customized, with navigation which can be found right in the middle of the gauges. The panel can be changed to something else depending on what a car manufacturer would want to do.

Moreover, Huang said that the graphical interface which we see has been designed to render the looks of various materials like copper, Iron, bamboo etc. Nvidia’s head of design studio, Justin Ebert further mentioned how difficult it is to render real-life materials like fiber and bamboo into graphics. Nvidia’s Drive CX does exactly that.

Justin showed how the gauge looks like made of polished aluminum, porcelain and car paint. The switch is instantaneous and allows for shadows and a deep level of subtlety. These are mathematical equations being conduced on the Tegra X1 that show how light bounces off each individual material.


However, what is even more exciting than the clusters, is the new navigation system. Unlike your ususal navigations, Drive CX offers you a unique, 3D navigation system, clearly depicting miniatures of actual buildings on your way. It updates in real-time and gives you a real-life look for your entire route.

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