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North Korea blames US for its Internet outages, terms Obama “reckless” and “monkey”

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Continuing its rather vague blame game on Washington, North Korea on Saturday, blamed U.S. President Barrack Obama for the internet outages which the isolated nation experienced this week, Reuters reported.

Not only did it blame Obama, North Korea went on to give a statement which quiet rightly matches its substandard diplomatic position in the world. An unnamed spokesperson for the National Defence Commission said,

Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest

This statement is another part of North Korea’s policy of using racially offensive comments against the U.S. President, something which it ha been doing for quite some time now.

After the devastating cyber attack on Sony Pictures earlier this month, the FBI had blamed North Korea for the largest ever cyber attack on a company on U.S. soil. Following those allegations, Obama had mentioned in his year-end speech that the U.S. Government will give a befitting, “proportionate” response to North Korea’s “cyber vandalism“.

Incidentally, North Korea recently suffered a two-day internet outage across country, where people lost access to the (very little) internet access they have in the country.

Continuing its inauspiciously worded statement on those outages, the National Defence Commission further added,

The United States, with its large physical size and oblivious to the shame of playing hide and seek as children with runny noses would, has begun disrupting the Internet operations of the main media outlets of our republic.

In a separate statement issued on the recent attacks on South Korea’s nuclear power plant operator, the North Korean leadership categorically denied the attacks, terming it a “smear campaign” by South Korean leaders. It said,

The South Korean puppet authorities are working hard to link this case with (us), though the truth about it has not been probed

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