Sony has today unveiled a new “Google Glass like” wearable device that enables an ordinary eyeglass to turn into a digital display, with the use of a 0.23-inch OLED display, WSJ reported.

The unnamed wearable device comes equipped with a 0.23 inch OLED display, views on which, are equivalent to viewing a 16 inch display from a distance of two metres. The device comes with Wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity, and provides users, the flexibility to use it on any piece of eyeglasses.

Though Sony hasn’t officially disclosed as to which company’s it has currently partnered with for its new wearable tech, the device is still set to go for mass production by next year.

A Sony Spokeswoman told WSJ,

We aren’t an eyewear company, so we have no plans now to create a consumer product using this module by ourselves

Do not get too surprised if you hear a reputed eyewear brand from fashion industry, partnering with Sony to mass produce glares which support this wearable tech because this is exactly what the trend has been. Tag Heuer, one of the many LVMH owned luxury watchmaker brands recently announced the development of a smartwtach, which is rumoured to be powered by a an Intel processor.

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