It looks like Sony Corporation has risen to an unwanted glory among hacker groups. After Sony Pictures was hit by one of the largest cyber attack in the history, PlayStation Network has apparantly become the next target. A hacker group named ‘Lizard Squad’ has reportedly hacked the entire Network, and it has been almost 6 hours since the network has been down.

Sony’s online Playstation store is down and an online group called “Lizard Squad” has claimed the responsibility for the attack by tweeting it though their twitter account. When users visit the website, they are greeted by a message, “Page Not Found! It’s not you, its the internet’s fault.”

The Lizard Squad was also behind the DDoS attack on Microsoft Xbox network, which was down for a day last week. The group has also announced that they will not only continue attacks on Xbox Live but will cripple it to the point that it will be unusable on Christmas day and possibly forever. They have also targeted other high-profile names such as EA Games and Destiny Offline.

Sony has responded that they are aware of the issue that users are not able to connect to the Playstation network and are investigating the matter. This interference to the network comes just after Playstation celebrated its 20th anniversary last week.


As per the official Ask PlayStation twitter account, the service is back now.

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