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Government bans Uber’s services in Delhi but it may not be just Uber’s fault

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And here it is, yet another ban on Uber. Following the rape of a 27 year old woman in one of its cabs, Uber has received a rather inevitable ban on its services in Delhi. The Delhi Government has now banned the service from operating in India’s capital.

The ban, handed over just few minutes ago, is quite accurately, the right step toward making private cab companies operate in a more rigid and strict manner. There is no word on whether Uber will continue to operate in other cities or not.

Though, Uber’s regional manager  is being questioned at the Deputy Police Commissioner North Delhi’s Office, a different news coming from various Media sources is now telling us that the accused driver, who was also arrested in 2011 for raping a Gurgaon-based woman had got a clean character certificate from the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police herself, in May this year.

It is to be noted that Uber uses the same character certificates in verifying police records and hence, may have accepted the driver due to the clean chit he received from Police authorities.

Though Uber may definitely be able to put a reasonable defence due to the emergence of this character certificate, but company’s fault at not tracking its driver’s activities is something, which is probably being questioned from Uber’s regional manager.

We have contacted Uber for some serious, “not-so cold hearted’ statement, and will update you as soon as we receive one.

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