FacebookFacebook, the biggest social networking website is now preparing a new social networking website for workplaces, reports Financial Times. The company is working on “Facebook For Work” which will allow users to chat with colleagues, collaborate over documents and connect with professionals.

The new networking website will look similar to Facebook but will also allow users to keep their personal profile from work identity. The quarterly profit of the company almost doubled to $802m when it announced plans to invest heavily in future. Mark Zukerberg had earlier said,

We are going to continue preparing for the future by investing aggressively, connecting everyone, understanding the world, and building the next-generation in computing platforms. We have a long journey ahead.

The new website will compete directly with Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn. The company is not yet commenting about it, but the launch of Facebook for Work is not too far. The employees of Facebook are reportedly using the work focused site and other companies are also giving it a try.

To become an integral part of office life, Facebook will need to win the trust of companies and organisations, which will expect to be able to conduct confidential conversations and share important information on the site, without it falling into the hands of rivals. The company is unlikely to charge for the service until it gets a foothold in the offices of major companies.

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