Amazon has lowered the price of its Fire Phone (via TechCrunch) by a staggering 99.5% to just 99 cents. Well, before you head on straight away to buy it, here’s the real deal : It comes on a contract with AT & T, for two years.

Some analysts consider it a move by Amazon to increase the sales of its failed,Fire Phone. While some consider it a tactic to reduce the price just hours before iPhone 6 launch.

Well, whatever be the case, we seriously do not think that this move is going to help Amazon. Let us do some simple calculations. AT & T’s cheapest monthly plan is $60, so you end up buying that phone for $1440 approximately.

Now, you seriously want to spend that much on “Fire Phone” when iPhone 6 is launching just a few hours from now and certain heavy weight androids are available at almost a quarter of that cost ? Its your choice, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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