Apple, which for the past 2-3 weeks had been seeing tremendous surge in its shares, recently saw a sudden slump in its share prices. It’s share closed at $4.36 at $98.94, with 125 million shares changing hands.

Analysts at various levels have argued that since Apple hasn’t introduced a new product into the market, since 2010, people are expecting it to get into its innovation chamber, and bring something new. Apple hasn’t experienced such tremendous pressure for innovation, for a very long time.

Apple’s rivals, specially Samsung, have been introducing newer, and innovative products through IFA this year, putting Apple under stress. Samsung recently reminded us, that it can still innovate, with the launch of Galaxy Note Edge.

As per information from <Re/code>, some industry observers expect the Cupertino giant to unveil a version of a smartwatch next week, though it’s unclear how successful Apple will be in bringing wearables into the mainstream market where others like Samsung have failed.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves had said earlier on Wednesday that if there re no massive opportunities of profit from apple’s announce,pent next week, they will probably downgrade Apple’s rating.

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