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In a first of its kind, Public-private alliance, the Chinese Government has been developing an Operating System for Government use. It started developing in January, and surprisingly, is planning to release a desktop version in October.

China is fast, it is fast at copying at developing everything, but developing an operating system in a span of 10 months, thats pretty fast. Beleive it or not, but China’s Government backed operating system is all set for public release by October.

Although many, including some within China, doubt the launch month, and are expecting it to shift further, but as per Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Operating System (COS) will debut this October.

As per Xinhua news agency,

Ni Guangnan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering told the People’s Post and Telecommunications News that the OS will be first seen on desktop devices and later expanded to smartphones and other mobile devices.

This move, by the Chinese government, came largely at the wake of Windows 8 being banned from Government’s procurement list. Moreover, since most of the Chinese Government computers run on Windows XP, Microsoft ending supprt proved to be a major hurdle for the government.

Not only this, the COS will also come for mobile devices later sometime in January 2015. This comes at a time, when almost all of the local and popular Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, rely heavily ( some even exclusively ) on Google’s Android OS.

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