As per a report by TechCrunch, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which is the first privately owned commercial space flight company, may be valued at a staggering $10 Billion after a new round of investment.

SpaceX has recently become more popular, largely due to its MarsOne project, through which, it aims to create a permanent human settlement on Mars.

As per TechCrunch’s report,

The latest capital infusion includes a large secondary investment, which appears to be somewhere in the region of $200 million. This confirms some of the details published in April this year by Quartz, which cited a source reporting that the company might be raising between $50 million and $200 million.

Also, apart from these secondary investments, certain bigger names, like the Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ, U.S.) and Bloomberg Capital are investing in SpaceX. DFJ is reportedly investing money from its latest $470 million funding chest.

SpaceX has been one of the most affordable space launch companies. And if we remove Govt. owned, affordable space agencies, like India’s ISRO, then SpaceX turns out to be the only private player in space launching systems, which offers such affordable services.

SpaceX has already earned contracts worth over $4 Billion. Out of these, approximately $400- $500 million were funded by NASA. As far as the pricing is concerned, SpaceX charges as low as $60 million for launching low-earth orbit satellites into space through its Falcon 9 rocket.

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