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India’s u2opia mobile launches Woo, a new, more “real-life” dating app

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We may call the process slow, but it seems like India has started to catch up with rest of the world as far as mobile app industry is considered. With respect to the same, u2opia mobile today launched Woo, a more “real-life” dating app for youngsters.

WOO is an exciting smartphone app available on Android and iOS which gives users, a platform to connect with like-minded, interesting, urban singles from the same city. The main feature, which distinguishes it from other casual dating aps is the fact that you get to connect with people from your city. U2opia Mobile is targeting educated, young, single professionals between the ages of 25-35 years old, for this product.

According to developers, the app is different from your casual dating and matrimonial apps  because of the fact that Woo is intended for “mature, sophisticated” individuals who are seeking substantial interactions, based on “real-life”criteria like similar lifestyles and interests, rather than arbitrary ones like complexion, weight, caste which are used traditionally.

Actually, this may come out as the most exciting and unique feature of this app. This is because, almost all of the matrimonial and dating apps in the country match you on the basis of your caste and religion, rather than common interests.

On the occasion of  launch, Sumesh Menon, CEO and Co-founder of U2opia Mobile said,

Woo is about real relationships – relationships with people you could genuinely connect with, people with whom you have friends in common and relationships that actually have a chance of translating into reality. We’re thrilled to launch Woo in Bangalore. Over the last few years, Bangalore has transformed into a sort of cultural melting pot with young people from all over the country, making it their home. Given the young and cosmopolitan nature of the city, it was a natural choice for us to decide to launch Woo in Bangalore.

It is currently available for Android and iOS platforms at their respective app stores. Certain screenshots of the app, which we received via an e-mail are shown below :

 image001 iPhone Screenshot 2


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