albery yeung

A court has ruled that the Hong Kong’s business magnate can sue Google over its auto-complete list as it suggests that he has been linked to a organised crime.

In the judgement released Wednesday , Google’s objection has been ruled out against the defamation lawsuit.

Yeung filed the lawsuit after the Search Giant refused to remove auto-complete suggestions such as “triad,” as organized crime gangs are known in China, which showed up with searches on his name.

Judge also disagreed with Google’s lawyers as they argued that Yueng should ask the websites where the defamatory information was published and he should asked them to remove it. She said Google had ability to censor it.

Any risk of misinformation can spread easily as users forage in the Web. The art is to find the comfortable equilibrium in between,

she said in her ruling.

The Billionaire believes that his reputation is “gravely injured” and he wants compensation.

Albert Yeung is the founder and chairman of the Emperor Group. His business empire includes an entertainment company that produces films and manages some of the city’s biggest celebrities.

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