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Apple has been using Siri on the iOS for almost 3 years now, but it hasn’t been able to import that same technology to OS X yet. But, as per a recent patent filing, Siri for Mac may soon be a reality, AppleInsider has reported.

As per a new 92 page patent filing at the USPTO, Apple has detailed about an “Intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment” which is way advanced than Mac’s current voice dictation.

As per the patent application, major claim, which Apple has made, is for a  method for invoking a digital assistant service, comprising: at a user device comprising one or more processors and memory: detecting an input gesture from a user according to a predetermined motion pattern on a touch-sensitive surface of the user device; and in response to detecting the input gesture, activating a digital assistant on the user device. 

This claim, suggests that Apple is probably developing a much advanced voice assistant tan the current voice dictation servce available on Mac. This is possibly going to be Siri’s entry into th Mac.

Like the current iteration of Siri, limited to iOS, Apple’s desktop version is able to process natural speech and text input to perform actions like completing tasks, inputting and retrieving data, conducting searches and more.

Further, the filing points out that commands are to be taken in context based on deduced user intent. In other words, Siri for desktop will use speech recognition to decipher and remembering contextual clues. 

Apple filed this patent in 2013.

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