As per a recent leak by Chinese website IT168, iPhone 6 may come with a bigger battery as compared to its oredecessor. But the site also says, that this larger battery may not necessarily translate into higher battery life.

As per the leak, iPhone 6’S 4.7 inch variant, may come with a 1800 mAh batter, a significant increase from the 1570 mAh on iPhone 5s.  Similarly, the 6 inch variant may come with a whopping 2550 mAh battery.

Although, this is a significant increase over the previous device, but this may not translate into higher battery life. Battery life is calculated on the basis

This is because, iPhone 6, in comparison to iPhone 5s will have more no. of sensors, larger screen, and a much more powerful processor. This will translate into excess epower consumption, which experts think, will lead to more battery consumption.

This, instead of increasing the battery life, may well become the reason of a reduced battery life, as compared to iPhone 5s.

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