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Google has reportedly teamed up with Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek to develop AndroidOne

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Reports from a popular Taiwanese magazine, Digitimes, has confirmed that Google has chosen Taiwan-based, MediaTek for developing its recently introduced Android One platform.

Google introduced the new android platform, Android One in its recently concluded, Google I/O 2014 conference. Android head, Sunder Pichai himself introduced Android One in the very beginning of his keynote address.

Now, reports from Taiwan based magazine, Digitmes have suggested that Google is in final talks with MediaTek to built the required processors for Android One. Android One is Google’s project to built low-cost smartphones, targeting over a billion large, emerging market.

The first Android-One based phone, which Google showcased in its I/O conference, was developed by Indian handset maker, Micromax. Incidentally, the phone was powered by a MT6575 Mediatek processor.

News has also appeared that If the Android One project goes smoothly, Google and MediaTek may extend their cooperation to include Android tablets and Android TVs.

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