Privacy is one of the major issues surrounding the digitalization of the workplace in recent years as information is now easier than ever for those that wish to, to hack into phones tablets and laptops. Whether this is through a virus on a computer, a connection over a public network or even a phishing email, this can lead to personal documents and other important business documentation being stolen. In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that cybersecurity can either make or break your business as we move into the new year. 

Digitalization Of Work Processes

Though digitising the workspace presents a number of benefits to businesses in the 21st century, there is also a fair amount of risk associated with it as online security becomes a far more pressing issue in modern society. With a cyberattack taking place every 39 seconds, this is an issue that a number of businesses have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Though moving into the digital age has helped to expand the number of businesses in the long term as well as streamline a number of processes. With many companies benefiting from automated processes such as customer service and call forwarding, using digital technology to streamline processes has also opened business up to a large amount of exposure from hackers in the process. 

Prevention Methods For Online Security 

Though there are a vast amount of ways that you can begin to protect your business from outside threats, it is important to firstly protect your business from the inside out. By setting up 2-step verification and other software to help keep logins safe, this will then reduce the threat of a cyber-attack from within the workplace. This is an important place to start as it is said that up to 60% of hacks were conducted by an employee. 

In addition to protecting your company information’s with firewalls, it may also be beneficial to consider the process of making payments or other aspects of file sharing. It is important to ensure that these are protected as these can be intercepted during the transaction. Though there are a number of encryption methods that you can opt for, there are a number of benefits that come along with the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With some of the benefits of cryptocurrency, you can begin to make payments that are not only quick but anonymous. This is beneficial for larger corporations as it reduces the risks associated with payments being tampered with during the transaction process. 

Learning From Past Mistakes

As the threat of a cyber-attack becomes more prominent in everyday life, there are more and more large corporations falling victim to these new ways of obtaining company information. With some of the most notable companies including Marriot Hotels, Yahoo and eBay there are larger corporations looking into their cybersecurity protocol, there is increased pressure for large businesses to have a cybersecurity system in place. 

As the problem continues to grow, there are a number of other corporations that have come under fire for lack of preparation surrounding this issue, one of which is the British government. With a number of outdated computer systems and important company information left in a number of secure databases, could government information be at risk of those that are skilled enough to hack? 

Solutions From A Growing Industry 

Though the risk to online security is much higher with the modern-day digitalization of files and other documents, this has paved the way for a growing industry to produce innovative solutions for vast companies all over the world. With a number of technological advancements such as Ai and Machine learning as well as application security and cloud technology, you can use a number of these technologies to encrypt data and make sure that all company data is secure. 

In addition to this, a number of businesses opt to hire an in-house security specialist to analyse data and ensure that all company files are protected. In addition to this, a specialist such as this may require you to keep a backup of company files and other important data in a database off-site. This will not only protect against cyber-attacks, but this will ensure that a back up is in place should the hard drive be accidentally wiped by an employee.

Whether you are a business owner looking to fully secure all company documents from either an internal or external breach or you are looking into new ways to ensure the utmost security as a data analyst, there are a number of technologies on the market that can help you to achieve monthly goals and protect your business from even the largest of threat regardless of the number of employees.