College students have different priorities which include smartphones. Before joining college the best thing they can do with their smartphones is to play games, chat, watch movies and such stuff. The design and build of the phone are very important because the phones barely leave the hands so there is no need to have a phone that has no grip and you risk dropping it at any time damaging it. The screen size and quality is a factor to consider because it should comfortably accommodate your fingers for typing. A high-resolution camera is a plus and the quality of the shots needs to be top notch. While in class a college student might need to take a picture of a note or a diagram which is important for their thesis rush.

A Smartphone with a camera which is attentive to detail is very vital. Most importantly, the phone must have an impressive battery life. Students don’t have all the time to stick to charging ports they have classes to attend and they will need the phones. Though the battery life varies on the usage between users, nobody wants to charge after every one hour. The processor power is very important as well as the memory storage space. In college, students need phones with large processing power which can comfortably accommodate 4G connectivity, web browsing, and streaming among others. To sum it up, price should be pocket-friendly for students because they are always on a tight budget, but it is important to ensure value for money.

Top 5 best smartphones for college students

Samsung Galaxy S9 : This phone is the quickest and most suitable for students hoping to use it in college including homework. It has a wireless charging, extra storage and it is water-resistant. It has a facial recognition tool which unlocks the phone. It is arguably cheaper for students to afford with useful features for college. It has improved speakers and an average battery life which makes it feel great.

iPhone 6s: There is a reason as to why this smartphone brand is dominating because they are trendy, easy and advanced. It’s affordable though might seem outdated for some users, but for a college student saving where necessary is very important compared to some technological benefits. It has an improved camera and looks and feels great. It has a front-facing camera and the charging is wired.

iPhone X: The phone is worth its price, every bit of it. It has wireless charging, water-resistant, large display, long battery life, portrait mode camera, face ID recognition and the list of features is endless. It has a heightened level of security for college students. Seems pricey, but the long battery life is worth it. Since accidents do happen and the phone crashes, this particular one has a warranty which allows replacement because they have accessible stores near universities and colleges. Has a stunning screen and is good-looking.

OnePlus 6: Has more value with great storage spaces, it is fast with a huge leap in design. The dash charge is great though a bit restive and has a well-thought-out version of Android with lots of extras. However, the camera needs some improvements.

Google Pixel 2: The camera on is just great for taking pictures of notes, making it worth its price. Its battery life is simply amazing and the best version of Android installed. The display is amazing, but the design is just boring.

Smartphones are costly and a major investment for most college students, but they are very important. Considering that students need to be updated on the latest apps that will help them perform better in their class work and the safety of their work is assured. Invest in a worthwhile cause which will save you a lot of headaches later.