Finding reliable and speedy internet access while you’re traveling in Singapore can be a daunting task. Whether you plan to stop by a coffee shop to find free internet or spend hours in your hotel’s lobby trying to find that one area where the WiFi connectivity is strong, getting hold of a steady internet connection while you’re traveling can be an intimidating task. This is where the role of a Pocket wifi Singapore comes into the picture. In this post, we’ll discuss how portable WiFi can be your travel buddy during the problematic times you face in Singapore trying to find a stable and high-speed internet connection. Read further to know more.

How to find the best pocket WiFi in Singapore?

There are two ways to get a pocket WiFi device in Singapore – purchase a pocket WiFi device or rent one for the period you’re planning to stay in Singapore. The latter is a smart option since you don’t need to invest a hefty amount. Portable WiFis on rent are inexpensive and easy on your pocket. However, if you’re a business traveler who travels numerous times every year, buying a portable WiFi would be the best option. The rental rate of a hotspot WiFi Singapore can be any amount between $40 to $99 per month. While renting a pocket WiFi device, you naturally book the device online through the company’s website or contact the company via phone or e-mail. The portable WiFi company then ships the device to your address. The pocket WiFi package typically contains a detailed instruction manual, shipping labels, and the main pocket WiFi device.

What about the speed the pocket WiFi in Singapore?

To be true, since you’ll be using cellular data, the download and transfer speeds might be a bit slow, especially when you connect multiple devices. Nonetheless, the connectivity speed will completely depend on your zone and the signal strength in that specific zone.

What are the benefits of a pocket WiFi in Singapore?

Being able to use high-speed internet for browsing, booking flight tickets, making reservations at restaurants, or working anywhere you go has its own bonuses. Besides, since portable WiFis can connect with several devices at once, they’re more useful than the other travel internet solutions. Many travelers recognize the most noteworthy benefit of hotspot WiFi as a dedicated connection for their internet enabled devices no matter where they go in Singapore; even remote locations. Depending on your internet usage and the places you’re traveling to, you may have to pick a portable WiFi service that is suitable for you based on your requirements. According to research, 60% of the people can’t go without WiFi for more than one day.

Let’s quickly look at 5 benefits of a pocket WiFi for travelers:

  • Avoid outrageous data roaming and international call charges
  • Save your mobile phone’s battery
  • Safely use internet on multiple devices in one go
  • Work as long as you want without experiencing data connectivity issues
  • Access 4G internet wherever you go

The most reliable pocket WiFi in Singapore – My Webspot

If you’re facing difficulties in finding the best portable WiFi in Singapore, here’s some good news for you. My Webspot is a reliable hotspot WiFi using which you can access high-speed internet while you’re traveling in Singapore. Doesn’t it feel great to imagine unlimited internet all over the world. You can rent My Webspot whenever you want and return the device when you don’t need it anymore.

Benefits for My WebSpot

There’s not just one, but numerous benefits of My WebSpot that make it the best pocket WiFi in Singapore today and every day. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Unrestricted and limitless internet across the globe – You can access unlimited, 4G internet in 100+ countries.
  • Easy to share WiFi connectivity – You can share the WiFi internet with up to 5 WiFi enabled devices.
  • Excellent battery life – You can make the most of up to 8 hours of battery usage without charging.
  • Zero data roaming and international call charges – With My Webspot, you won’t incur any data roaming charges. Also, there are no hidden fees or costs. All you are required to do is pay the rental charges. If you want to make an international call to your family or friends back in your home country, you can use My Webspot to get on a WhatsApp call or use Skype.
  • Secure WiFi- You can big goodbye to hackers and cybercriminals gaining access to your private data on your device. With My Webspot in your bag, your devices are 100% secure.
  • No contract signing – Yes, you’ve read that right. You don’t need to enter into any contract with the pocket WiFi company.

How to rent My Webspot?

The pocket WiFi renting process is super easy breezy. All you need to do is:

  • Book the pocket WiFi device online by selecting the delivery destination, dates, delivery mode, and paying online.
  • The pocket WiFi device will be delivered at your house or hotel in Singapore.
  • Use unlimited internet in over 100 countries.
  • Ship the device back to the company in the envelope provided with the device when you don’t need it anymore.

Final thoughts on the best travel gadget for your trip to Singapore

Now that you know everything about “pocket WiFi,” the best travel gadget for your trip to Singapore, do you think it can be an excellent internet solution for your business trip or vacation in Singapore? Don’t you think it’s super useful for all kinds of travels – business or vacation? If yes, then make sure you carry the pocket WiFi next time you’re traveling to Singapore and prevent high data roaming charges, unsafe internet connectivity, and slow data download and transfer speeds.