You know you’ve always been passionate about technology, and had that urge of journalism about it. But since you chose a different field of study, you couldn’t pursue that dream. Well, welcome to Tech-Portal.

We, at Tech-Portal,are not looking for people, for whom, writing about technology, is the same as writing about Politics or Social issues. We are looking for people, who are mad about technology and writing for it (just like we are).

We may not pay you those high pay cheques, but rest assured, you’ll love to be at a place, where you have always wanted to be. If you’re just as passionate about technology, as we are, and if you are as eager to share the recent developments, as we are, then Tech-Portal is the place for you.

Come, be a part of India’s fastest growing Technology news website. Click here to apply.* All instructions are given in the form itself. Good Luck !

*job positions currently open to residents of India only.
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