It has been over three, eventful months since we officially started operations under Blue Box Media Pvt. Ltd. And it’s time, we start accepting some serious reviews. Though many of you have been sending us some great reviews, which kept us motivated to work even harder, we thought of having a proper Review form.

To cut long things short, this post explains why we exist and what we wish to change. We are a new-age, Indian media start-up, here to change India’s digital (and eventually the entire) media scenario. All in all, what we want, is for you to go out and proudly say, that India too has its own, comprehensive, genuine, tech-news and start-up news reporting website.

At the same time, we wish to convey that our focus towards India’s burgeoning start-up ecosystem is unfettered, and we wish to cover funding updates and features of as many start-ups as we possibly can. But since, we aren’t a “huge” media house, and are little short on writers (you can apply if you are passionate, we’re HIRING !), we may have, unintentionally, skipped a few of your requests. But fret not, we will definitely cover each and every start-up update which you send us. Keep them coming, we love it (send them in at!

So, here it is, Our review Form. Doesn’t require much of your time. A name (optional), an e-mail (optional), a few options (requires just 5 seconds, we’ve recorded it !) and a message (again, optional). Hate Us ? Love Us ? Want us to just stop ? or want us to go the distance ? Say anything, everything !

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