Do you find your Instagram post look boring or you are feeling that your posts haven’t sparkle that bring your posts a life as a whole? Do you want to combat a dull Instagram feed? If yes, then try using mix and match content format on Instagram. Here, we will talk about some types of Instagram posts that inspire you to create some amazing content for your own profile! All these efforts will in turns give you a huge number of followers and post likes. However, some people prefer to buy followers but these tips will help you to get organic followers by spruce up your account on Instagram. Keep reading to find out more!


Boomerang is a loop video that is similar to GIF. It is a fun way to engage your followers.  A lot of big brands are using this content format to engage their audience. For example, a skincare company The Body Shop use this content format and create a brilliant post for their Instagram feed. You can check out their profile to get some inspiration and what you can create with your own product or brand,

Use videos

Instagram offers you a different type of videos to grab the attention of your Instagram followers. You can create GIF video by using some blending images into a short yet fast-paced video clip. In order to attract millennials, the video is considered one of the most effective content formats. So use videos more often to attract your followers.

Mix up sizes and shapes

On Instagram, photos are originally uploaded in square format. Videos and images are automatically edited (cropped) to the square format when you are going to upload them on Instagram. Use mix up size and shapes to create a square image and share it with your followers.

Harmonize and Stylize

When you harmonize your account then it makes your post more eye-catching. A lot of fashion blogger on Instagram are doing a fantastic job by creating harmonize themes. Every image is similar to each other in style. It is a simple yet effective tactic to attract more people. Use the same filter with each photo or use the same color tone in each post on Instagram. The results are fantastic!

Try carousel posts

Try carousel posts as it gives the feel of photo albums. It is the latest format that Instagram has introduced on its app. It is just like a slideshow and you can include 10 photos and videos in a single post using this format. Your followers can see all the photos by swiping from right t left like turning the book’ pages. You can spruce up your account on Instagram using this carousel format. More than that, the algorithm of Instagram could boost the visibility of posts with the carousel. You can use Crume and Clayton to create amazing carousel post to showcase your product. All these tips will help you to attract new followers. However, all these ways are time-consuming, alternatively, you can buy followers to grow your account.