The online gambling industry is a fast-growing stream within the casino gaming industry. In the past few years, it has since brought in a large part of the total revenue amassed by the industry. It also has a large profit and market potential with global revenue of 58.96 million realized in 2019.

With this market capitalization, an investment in this industry will generate lots of cash for investors. This article reveals many ways people can profit from the online gambling industry without being professional gamblers.

Ways to Make Money with Online Gambling

There are two broad ways to make money in this industry – as players or as non-players. To make money online as a player/gambler, engage progressive jackpots. The profit from this aspect could be as high as $20M. People can now make money from online casinos without gambling; by becoming affiliate marketers for known brands.

There are multiple ways to generate money from the industry. However, appetite for risk, commitment, drive for the job, and skills are essential ingredients here. Here is a list of opportunities for interested persons:

  • Playing casino games
  • Working for a casino software provider
  • Start an affiliate website
  • Buying stocks
Playing Casino Games

It is much easier to make money by playing casino games than to do the other methods listed. Being a part of online casinos is free, and there are many games to play with a $10 budget or less.

The reality here is that not all casino games have the same value. For instance, you get to win by chance when you play Slots. Slots are easy to play, highly rewarding, and exciting; however, there is no guarantee that players will always win since it’s based mainly on luck.

In contrast, poker is a game that requires lots of skill. So, to always win, players will need to improve their skills and be better than their competitors. With that already established, there are many variants of poker. The internet is full of guides showing the different types of poker games available.

Work for a Casino/Software Provider

There are thousands of online casino sites and many software providers. This has made having accountants, programmers, customer representatives, marketers, etc., become necessary.

Also, software providers require web designers, managers, marketers, content creators, etc. The listed jobs offer huge remunerations as the online casino industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The only challenge players face is acceptance of the gambling industry where they are located. So, moving to gamble-friendly areas may be required.

Become an Affiliate for Known Brands

Here is one way to profit from the industry even while you sleep. The reward for marketing top brands online is a ton of juicy commissions. Some casinos could give as high as $10 per referral, and this profit could compound as the number of people increases.

Buying Online Casino Stocks

In 2020, the cost of one share of 888 Holdings was $85. In December 2022, that same share boosted in its value and sold for $320; that is a price of 300% in a space of two years. This might not hold for all gambling stocks as not all stocks will double or triple within a similar timeframe.

However, that’s the whole deal about investment; you take a risk on a company that has good prospects, and you hope to get a reward. One other way to invest is through a stock exchange-traded fund (ETF). This helps investors own shares in different companies, and as they appreciate, you get to have an average of the gains added.

Start Your Online Casino

If you want a more hands-on approach, one of the best options is to open your online casino. This may seem difficult but with the right information on how to start online casino, it is easy. There are tons of solutions that make the entire process easy. Ensure you have a plan in place and already know your target market. With time, you’ll start to recoup your investment.

Wrap Up

Not everyone who makes money from online casino gaming are professionals, either players or developers. For instance, having an online casino app doesn’t require investors to be players. Someone could help create the app, and all that comes to the investor is profits from proper marketing.

Opening an online casino will surely bring in lots of profit since the industry has a large audience base from the recent trends of more preference for social and online gaming.