The transition from high school to college is for most students among the biggest obstacles to overcome during their young years. There is a strong possibility that once they start attending classes they might suffer a lack of some important skills. High education institutions have certain norms, expectations, and standards. Therefore, students who don’t have sufficient writing, researching, or learning skills might need help and some form of support system.

A full schedule combined with other life challenges sometimes enables students to fulfill college assignments and as a result, can cause a significant setback. Because these students need more time and effort to complete tasks, this problem can easily and quickly escalate to the point of creating serious mental issues such as anxiety, acute stress disorders, and depression.

College assignments writing skills

There is a good reason why all college courses have some form of writing included in their programs. This skill improves communication abilities and provides a base for further oral presentation development. Frequent writing widens overall academic knowledge and naturally boosts confidence. Furthermore, people who continuously practice their writing skills are often seen as imaginative, free-thinkers, and known for their outside-the-box ideas. Writing activates certain brain areas responsible for creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

However, even with the advanced level of writing ability, some assignments are more difficult or important than others and can induce discomfort, frustration, and stress. Writing a PhD dissertation is without a doubt a classic representative of these tasks. This is one of the reasons even successful students sometimes seek assistance from dissertation writing services to hire professional writers. Having their help on hand gives students an opportunity for a more relaxed approach to the writing process. Also, it provides them with an idea of how to organize, pick the literature and shape the body of the thesis. Learning from professionally written content can liberate students from fear of failure and inspire them to find and strengthen their academic side.

Writing services options and prices

Switching to online classes largely contributed to the popularity of professional writing services. As students couldn’t meet their thesis mentors and discuss dissertation-related issues regularly, they reached for available alternatives.

With growing demand, the Internet is flooded with numerous options. But, not all websites are trustworthy and able to deliver a high-quality paper. According to students’ reviews, there are several important features to look for when choosing writing assistance for a dissertation and other important assignments.

How to choose the right service

Researching is the first step that should provide basic information and help to single out the best services. Recommendations from other students might simplify the process of ruling out unsuitable candidates. Diligent customer service and the possibility to communicate with the writer directly should have an important decision role. It allows a student to participate in the process and make important decisions timely. Every writing service claims to have the best writers with the necessary expertise and degree of education. The most efficient way to check this is to read users’ reviews and comments. Also, there are websites specialized in service evaluations. However, taking these assessments with a grain of salt would be smart too.

There are a few more important elements to consider, such as confidentiality, security, plagiarism checking, payment interface, and money-back guarantee option. The ideal situation would be to have an unlimited number of revisions available, which is often not the case.

Pricing system

Most services have fixed prices for dissertation writing. However, a few prefer the bidding payment method which can be confusing for some clients.  Generally, the price depends on the subject area, delivery term, academic level, and the number of pages. For less common subjects, with more pages and shorter delivery terms, the price will go up. Premium service levels are always charged additionally. Those who want to hire advanced writers with top expertise and experience, and receive progress notifications with additional proofread support will pay extra.

Some services have a standard discounts system, as well as first-time user and occasional coupon deals for small price reductions. Also, in some cases, activities such as plagiarism checking, revisions, or abstract page are excluded from the initial price. Judging by all these elements, dissertation writing is among the most expensive products offered by writing services.


Students need to learn that asking for assistance and finding the right one can be extremely beneficial for their overall development. They’ll be able to fulfill their obligations, gain and master new skills, and become more self-assured and satisfied with their studying achievements. However, most students traditionally have extremely limited budgets so paying for this service might be too much for them.  As an important assignment, the dissertation requires strategic planning which could include saving for hiring professional help. It could be sufficient for some students to feel more confident and therefore able to write high-quality dissertations.