Over the coming years, artificial intelligence will dramatically alter video games creation. In seeking to replicate the behaviours of human intelligence, there’s scope for advanced technology to lead the industry into a new forward-thinking era. At the time of writing, numerous developments have already impacted the sector, but there’s still plenty more to come from AI. So, let’s explore how the branch of computer science could further change the market soon and consider its existing impacts on the digital casino industry.

How AI Has Already Altered Modern-Day Gaming Experiences

By definition, Britannica labels artificial intelligence as a computer-powered ability to perform tasks associated with intelligent beings. In the gaming industry, it means something a little different. While it’s still reliant on the branch of computer science, ARM states that the term refers to creating responsive and adaptive experiences to enhance immersion. This has seen more players step away from traditional consoles and controller and instead embrace wearables devices and real-time opportunities, for example.

Fascinatingly, the online casino industry has been at the forefront of utilising AI to add a heightened sense of realism to their offerings. From an in-game standpoint, SG Analytics states that the advanced concept provides players with a more refined and personalised experience. Because of this, platforms can now cater to audience habits and promote customised opportunities without needing programmers or coders.

On the topic of casino gaming, it isn’t just with promotions that AI has transformed the industry. As stated above, the development is used in gaming to bring more realism to the table, and that’s something that casino platforms have taken literally. Through the implementation of AI, there can be no doubts that the sector has become more humanised. In turn, this has unquestionably attracted new players. Nowadays, many of the table games at Royal Panda casino online use artificial intelligence to mirror real-world experiences. The likes of Live Baccarat Squeeze and Live Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, for example, feature live dealers, which is a significant step forward from prior 16-bit experiences.

Analysing Latitude’s Work

While online casinos have somewhat laid the foundations, it appears that up-and-coming startups will seek to further AI’s role in modern-day gaming. At the time of writing, the web-based gambling market has shown that computer-powered approaches aid expansion and growth. That said, Latitude may hold the key to unlocking AI’s untapped potential.

As per the company’s official website, Latitude seeks to create new AI-powered worlds for people to explore. Since being founded in 2019, they have sought to investigate the potentials of AI in modern-day gaming. In their pursuit of breaking boundaries, the startup secured over £2.3 million in funding at the beginning of February 2021, according to Analytics India Magazine. Interestingly, this investment will fund Latitude’s development platform, and the program is capable of generating unlimited storylines through AI, as per GamesIndustry.biz.

To date, the two-year-old business has already taken significant steps forward in its exploration of AI in gaming. At the time of writing, gamers can play their AI Dungeon for free. Much like Zork, which hit the market back in 1975, the Utah-based organisation’s creation combines computer science with user input in creating a text-based adventure that continually progresses.

Targeting a Future of AI-Powered Opportunities

At present, it’s difficult to dispute that the future of gaming doesn’t heavily incorporate artificial intelligence. To date, technological breakthroughs have already impacted the online casino market, which looks to be the first of many altered sectors. In the coming years, AI looks set to bring unlimited offerings to the fore, especially if Latitude continue developing their AI Dungeon.