Online gaming is becoming one of the most preferred pass time activities for most adults across the globe. Obviously due to the fact that gaming is fun and presents the players with the chance to win loads of money. For this reason, online casinos have gone the extra mile to present players with a myriad of options to work with. From endless slot titles, blackjack, baccarat and online poker. Online gaming is fun and convenient since you can just play at the comfort of your home. The options available when it comes to gaming are obvious. Players can choose to play using their tablets, PC’s, desktop or smartphones. In this article we look into each option.

Tablets use for online gaming has been on the rise. More players are seeking to find a device that is portable and offers a bigger and responsive screen while gaming. While tablets are smaller compared to desktops, tablets offer portability and a bigger screen compared to smartphones. This makes them a better option for players seeking to play online slots. Spinning the reels here gets easier while on the move. Like most devices, you will need internet connectivity usually mobile internet or over WI-FI hotspots. There is an option to play offline for games such as offline poker. Other games, where to play on your tablet include table games such as blackjack and roulette.

As for the features, more sleek models continue to enter the market. In pursuit of making tablets a good gaming option, companies are opting for light-weight options that are easily portable. Screen sizes also differ presenting players with the option to choose from 7 inches (ca. 18 cm) to 13 inches (ca. 33 cm). The speeds are also impressive for that high-end experience. Thanks to the possibility of attaching a keyboard and mouse, tablets can offer that traditional desktop experience when needed. For sound effects, tablets offer enhanced audio and speakers for that immersive experience. However, despite being portable, tablets are better than laptops, but the smartphones reign supreme.


Mobile gaming has become very popular because almost everyone owns a smartphone plus the fact that most casinos have optimized their casinos for mobile gaming. Smartphones offer players the chance to play just about anywhere at anytime. I mean you can easily set the reels rolling while on a coffee break at work, train ride back home or just waiting for your cab. When it comes to mobile gaming, players have the option to play from a browser or download the mobile app. In most cases, mobile apps come with added features to make them more appealing. Below is a list of features to look out for when choosing a smartphone suited for gaming.

  • A larger screen size
  • High resolution for quality images
  • Headphone jerk

With mobile gaming on the rise, phone companies have created phone models that are suitable for gaming offering convenience and quality graphics. There are different screens sizes to choose from. In addition, some phones offers edge-to-edge screen experience or have features such as curved edges to make the phone fit easily on the hand. For better sound effects, there are several headphones in the market to work with. This ensures that the sound effects and background music will be top-notch. Such features make gaming immersive and fun. Unlike tablets and laptops, smartphones are not only portable but easy to carry. Their size allows you to just put them in your pocket.

Apart from great features, downloading the app version of the casino comes with obvious perks for the player. In some casinos, they will offer a loyalty program or special bonuses for such players. Additionally, in most cases casinos strives to ensure that the gaming library is not limit. However, smartphones do have a number of cons while gaming. For starters, the screen size being small doesn’t offer the ultimate gaming experience you would love. The live casino section on a mobile device is unmatched to that of a desktop or laptop. This is why smartphones are mostly suited to play slots, blackjack and poker. Due to accessibility, most mobile gamers are prone to gambling addiction.

Desktops & Laptops

It is undeniable that portables are becoming the real deal when it comes to gaming. However, desktop pc’s and laptops are still very much relevant when it comes to gaming. For starters, the screen size that comes with these devices are a guarantee that your gaming experience will be immersive and enjoyable too. With graphic cards that are faster than chips in most laptops, desktops maintain a lead when it comes to enhanced graphics and animations. This ultimately makes playing slots, table games such as blackjack and roulette more fun and fulfilling. Additionally, playing on a bingo casino online or the live casino section becomes unmatched to other devices available.

Also, desktops offer high processing speed compared to laptops and other portables. Being bigger means better cooling systems that optimize the processing speeds. There is also ease when it comes to usage as desktops have the option to use a mouse. Moreover, the possibility of connecting your desktop to speakers, will add more life and fun to your gaming. Despite casinos offering, the same gaming library with the app version, there are instances where desktops have a more extensive library. However, desktops are not portable and therefore limit you to gaming only at the comfort of your home or office. Of course this is not what gaming fanatics would want.

When it comes to the laptop, the screen size is obviously similar to. This means that laptops offer clearer images compared to other portable devices. Internet connection is not an uphill task while on the move. There is an option to connect to the internet through hotspots provided by your smartphone. The processing speeds are fast offering the ultimate experience while on the move. Of course laptops are portable, but that doesn’t guarantee you will game anywhere at anytime. Some devices have limited battery life meaning you have to game near a power source. Additionally, their size doesn’t make it possible to carry them around for the purpose of gaming alone.