There’s hardly a person in the world who doesn’t game today. In other words, gaming is a rather popular hobby. People play games on their PCs or they do so on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. More and more are turning to their smartphones. Either way, the gaming industry makes sure to accommodate their needs.

The industry is known for keeping track of technological trends and implementing them. As a result, it has evolved throughout the years. Graphics, gameplay, and parts of gaming devices have improved. The current trend is Bitcoin and it is revolutionizing the financial market.

As such, Bitcoin is slowly being accepted as a viable payment method by many companies. Some online gaming venues already accept it as a payment method for gift cards. However, it’s the blockchain technology that catches the eyes of game developers.

Thanks to this technology, they’ve managed to develop some interesting titles. These are the first Bitcoin games that you can play. They belong to various genres and therefore make sure to entertain various kinds of games. So, if you’re looking to play some Bitcoin games, here are some suggestions:

Bitcoin Hero

Trading with Bitcoin is quite popular these days, and that’s why Bitcoin Hero is a title that novice traders will enjoy. It’s a trading simulator app that can get them plenty of practice. It also uses real-time prices of assets and other players as competition.

Additionally, you can use the market research tools to make market analyses and base your decisions on them. In other words, it’s the ultimate tool for any novice trader. That’s because it lets you make mistakes without feeling the consequences. So, if you’re looking to start trading, then you can check this game out.

Still trading Bitcoin is rather risky. Sometimes you’ll make the wrong decision and suffer a loss. Thankfully you can rely on trading platforms to make these decisions for you. They utilize advanced algorithms to make the right choices and all you need to do is reap the profits. In that regard, you can try Bitcoin Evolution crypto trading. To use this platform you’ll need to register and deposit the minimum amount. Also, you’ll need to go over the tutorials and a demo lesson to get the hang of the platform. Once you’ve got the basics you can try the platform out with a live session.

Bitcoin Blast

Unlike the previous entry, this is a more relaxing title. Bitcoin Blast is a matching game you can play to blow off some steam. You’ll see many symbols in this game and most of them will be the Bitcoin symbol in multiple colors.

The goal of the game is to match as many symbols as you can. This will bring you Bling Points in turn. Once you have enough you’ll be able to get rewards in Bitcoin. The amount you get depends on the number of points you have. So, the more the better your prizes are.

Merge Cats

This is another matching game, but instead of matching symbols you’ll be matching cats. This means you’ll see cats in all shapes and sizes in this game, making this title a relaxing game. It also comes with its set of challenges that come on a daily basis.

If you complete them, then you’ll get a reward in Bitcoin. Naturally, the more challenges you complete the more prizes you’ll get. In other words, you can enjoy this game and make money at the same time. It takes relaxing to the next level.

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is another trading simulator. However, it doesn’t just offer Bitcoin trading simulations but it simulates a trading market with other cryptocurrencies. It can give you the basics of Bitcoin trading, but it also offers something else. There are competitions where the most skilled trader gets a reward. The reward is a certain amount of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency you prefer.


As the gaming revenue of various gaming devices has grown significantly, according to statistics, this shows just how good the gaming industry will do in the future. This means that Bitcoin has a bright future in the gaming industry. Consequently, Bitcoin will be a more common payment method and there will be more Bitcoin games available.