WWDC 2015

Before You Join the Apple Public Beta Program

Apple is one of those special companies which do not usually let its new products or features go into user’s hands unless thoroughly tested for bugs and stability by its army of developers. However this time Apple has made an exception, and a pretty exciting exception for Apple fans we must say, to let the users try the […]

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Apple Music May Cost Indian Users Less Than $2 (₹120) Per Month

Earlier this week, we debated extensively on how its going to be a tough battle for Apple music here in India. However, latest screenshots of iOS 9 Beta showing Apple Music now reveal, that the Cupertino giant is looking to price its music streaming service at less than $2 per user, in a bid to give […]

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Apple Music Under Scrutiny in NY and Connecticut Over Collusion In Deals With Music Labels

It has just been over a day since Apple launched its ambitious music streamer Apple music, and it is already in trouble. A NYT report says that Apple Music has come under the investigation by Attorney Generals in New York and Connecticut for possible collusion in deals with music companies to gain an unfair advantage over its rivals such […]

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Google Maps For iOS Now Lets You Send Locations From PC to iPhone, iPad

On the heels of Apple Maps’s transit update yesterday, Google Maps for iOS too has got an interesting update that allows you to ‘push locations and destinations’ from your desktop to iPhone.

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OS X 10.11 Allows Web Developers To Leverage Force Touch Inputs For Customised Website Interactions

Force Touch Input on Mac has been prominently used by app developers to create customised interactions. However, with the latest OS X 10.11 El Capitan release, even web developers will be able to leverage the power of Force Touch Input on Safari browser, to create customised website interactions.

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It Will Be a Tough Battle For Apple Music Here In Asia

Undoubtedly, Apple eyes a tremendous global success with its music steaming service,which kicked off last night. But on a practical note, Apple will have to make an all-out effort to achieve that and to stand against its rivals, especially in Asia where people aren’t habitual of paying for music stream.

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iOS 9 Defaults to Using a 6-Digit Passcode PIN

While Apple continued to detail about how intelligent the new iOS 9 will be, what it did not focus upon, was an additional security amendment rolling out alongside iOS 9. Now, users will be required to enter a six-digit Passcode PIN, instead of the usual 4 digit one which we are habitual to.

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With ‘Move to iOS’, Apple Wants To Help You In Your Android-to-iOS Transition

With the aim of easing the shift from Android to iOS, Apple plans to offer Android users a dedicated app that wirelessly and securely transfers personal data, downloaded apps and other information over to a new iPhone.

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With Swift 2, Apple’s Programming Language is now Faster and Open Source

Apart from all the glitz and glamour which came with the OS X, iOS 9 and Apple Music announcement, Apple also announced a big new upgrade to Swift, its very own programming language which Apple announced at last year’s WWDC.

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Apple Announces a Unified Developer Platform For MacOS, iOS and WatchOS

Apple always had separate developer programs for its two major platforms, Mac and iOS, since the beginning of time, but this routine has been changed this year by the Cupertino giant. Apple has now announced a single, unified developer platform for both MacOS and iOS and the new Watch OS as well.

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A Bit Of Beats, A Bit Of iTunes, That’s Apple Music For You

Apple has indeed taken up its beats acquisition pretty smartly, to come out with, what the Cupertino giant is touting as the next big revolution in digital music streaming, Apple Music. And yes, as the title mentions, you will find a mixture of Beats and Apple’s own iTunes in the new, revamped Apple Music

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Beats 1 is Apple’s Take On The Humble Old Radio

Clubbed with a series off Apple Music announcements, Apple announced Beats 1, a new 24x 7 radio service for Apple devices, which plays music curated by “real people”, awesome DJs and a hell lot of artists. The service currently operates from three cities and is being broadcasted across the world even right now.

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Apple Maps Gets Transit Directions With iOS 9

Yes, finally we are getting the much demanded transit directionS features in the Apple Maps. The new update will come along iOS 9 and you can hence stop complaining about the same.

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Apple Announces iOS 9, Here’s All You Need To Know

Following its tradition of announcing a brand new upgrade to its mobile devices OS every year, Apple, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco, has pulled the curtains off from the next iteration of its iPhone operation system, iOS 9.

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Apple Announces The All New OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple’s 26th WWDC started off with a bang. An amazingly directed video to start off the show and then we are right down to business. Craig Federighi took the stage shortly after to walk us through the latest iterations of Apple’s software operating systems. Let’s see what he had to say about OS X’s next build.

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Here’s How You Can Tune In Live To The WWDC 2015 On a Non-Apple Device

As Apple pulls down the curtains on it’s highly speculated WWDC 2015 event later today, we have a guide for you to live stream the event, no matter what platform your device is.

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Apple’s Music Streaming Service Is Coming Out At WWDC 2015, Says Sony Music CEO

The WWDC keeps the rumor mills churning, and Apple has always been very secretive about new product launches. But one thing we know for sure before the event begins this time is that Apple’s hugely anticipated music streaming service is definitely going to go live, as has been confirmed by Sony Music CEO Doug Morris […]

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What To Expect From Apple’s WWDC 2015

Yes, we are finally talking about Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC, 2015), the yearly 5 day long tech extravaganza beginning from June 8, at Moscone Centre in San Francisco California where we’ll get to know what Apple has ben upto for the past one year.

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An Upgraded Apple TV Might Not Make An Appearance At WWDC

While we were awaiting Apple to introduce its new Apple TV hardware at Worldwide Developers Conference next week, it now seems that we might not get a glimpse of it any soon as Apple has reportedly pulled off its plans to unveil the new TV hardware.

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First Apple Homekit Devices Go On Sale Ahead Of Next Week’s WWDC

After almost an year since the announcement of Homekit,  Insteon, Lutron, iHome, Elgato and Ecobee have today launched the first Homekit compatible devices, enabling users to connect these devices with their iPhones for using Apple’s home automation framework.

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