The mobile phone has come a long way from being just another device used for communication. The technology in a phone has evolved at such a rapid pace that certain phones today perform at the level of computing devices like a laptop

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Now that you know of an efficient method to buy a phone, learn of all the ways in which mobile phone has changed people’s lives and how it affects yours.

Mobile phones have improved worldwide communication standards

A mobile phone enables you to stay connected with your loved ones at any time. Every passing year, technology is evolving at a rapid pace and has been efficiently raising the standard of communication. The first form of a phone restricted you via cables before it went wireless. 

Now, you can communicate in real-time through video calling for an enhanced experience. However, these improvements are not only limited to calling. Communication via a mobile phone today also includes social media platforms and these give rise to other forms of communication. Today, you can communicate with emoticons, through interactive buttons and so much more.  

Mobile phones allow you to document accomplishments virtually

A decade or two ago, you had to rely on was either a camera or a video recorder to document your accomplishments or memories. Today, a mobile phone combines the functionality of both a camera and a video recorder into one convenient solution. This ensures that you’re always equipped to document important moments without the need to carry extra devices. 

The F11 OPPO smartphone, for instance, is one model that is especially efficient at carrying out these tasks, as it is equipped with two state-of-the-art dual rear cameras. Here, you can click photos at 48MP or 5MP resolution based on the landscape or subject you are clicking. 

The intelligent AI then combines the two images to give you crystal clear detail at all depths. This device also ensures the safety of your files as you can save them either in the internal memory or online via Cloud storage. In fact, using phones like this one or others like iPhones, users across the world are also creating documentaries and movies, going beyond regular photos and videos. 

Mobile phones deliver information to your fingertips effortlessly

With the advancement in technology and speedy internet connections, accessing information through your mobile phone is easier than ever. Today, you can get real-time updates for events or incidents as they happen. Moreover, you can read about virtually any topic via the internet on your phone. 

Additionally, you also enjoy the benefit of speed as telecom providers give you access to 4G networks, which significantly speeds up the transmission of data. This allows you to absorb large amounts of information with ease, even when you are travelling. 

From education to fitness, from medical updates to disaster information, you can now access a wealth of information right from your handheld device to live a better life. 

Mobile phones give you access to enhanced emergency services

Your mobile phone allows you to enjoy enhanced emergency features such as live tracking, emergency applications and even earthquake detection. The live tracking feature works based on GPS and functions in the background without hindering other tasks. 

You can activate it when you feel the need for added security and it will notify friends and family if there are any deviations in your journey.

Mobile phones grant access to newer forms of entertainment

Entertainment is a huge part of your life, and your mobile phone now caters to all you need. Mobiles phones can double up as a gaming console or an MP3 or even a video player apart from exposing you to content from OTT platforms. 

Certain high-end phones also allow you to stream your day to day events with clarity; this is courtesy of the high-definition front camera. This means you can shoot your surroundings in real-time and capture, edit, and upload them on social media within seconds. 

Apart from these notable ways in which mobile phone has changed your quality of life, today you may also rely on it to transact in a cashless manner via payment apps and mobile banking. What’s more, you can book taxis and as well all your travel in a few clicks, order delivery of groceries and consumer durables, track your finances, and lots more. 

A true necessity, a mobile phone offers you computing and communication at your fingertips. Top mobile manufacturers are always upgrading their models with new technology and it can be expected that within a few years, your mobile phone will let you experience augmented reality as well. 

This technology will allow you to view your surroundings from a virtual perspective which will definitely add a unique twist to your user experience. 

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