Between candidates becoming savvier and remote work raising the expectations on job quality, recruiting has become more complex than ever. Thankfully, there are still some tried and true strategies and emerging technologies that can help you meet the demands of a changing workforce.

Contracting with a Background Check Servicer

You aren’t hiring the best team you can hire if you aren’t completing a comprehensive background check on each candidate.

Background checks are much more than just checking criminal records and drug and alcohol testing. Modern background checks screen for things like education record verification, driving records, employment records, credit history, healthcare sanctions, and more.

To build the most dynamic and efficient team possible, you have to ensure everyone is honest. It’s not about your employees’ backgrounds being squeaky clean. It’s about them being perfectly honest about their backgrounds.

Utilize Social Media

If you’re having trouble attracting top talent from simple open position posts on job boards, it’s time to take a new tack. Try utilizing social media to boost the visibility of the position and attract talent from new corners.

The top qualities recruiters look for in candidates are a growth mindset, critical thinking skills, the desire to learn continuously, and survival skills. The candidates who embody all those qualities aren’t going to be found by traditional job boards—you have to go current and find people where they are.

Don’t Overlook Traditional Job Fairs

The opposite of the previous advice is also true. You may not be finding the right talent if you aren’t going digital, current, and young. However, if you aren’t catering to the older, more established pool of employees, the kind that still attends traditional job fairs with xeroxed resumes in hand, you’re missing out.

Virtual recruitment has become the dominant hiring method in today’s career landscape. Career fairs have followed that trend, going virtual and giving access to everyone.

Clarify Your Company’s Mission

According to research conducted by LinkedIn, workers who identify as “mission-driven” are 54% more likely to stay at a company for five years than other employees.

Mission-driven workers are attracted to companies with solid mission statements of their own. Consult your leadership on refining the mission statement, and don’t forget valuable employee input.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Are you eager to attract top talent? The solution is simple: Offer top pay and perks. At the end of the day, you pay for the talent you get, and if you aren’t willing to spend on your most valuable employees, they may not be putting a down payment on your success.

Build Your Best Team

Building the best team for your company means deeply engaging in the recruiting process. Combining emerging technology with proven techniques for success.

You don’t have to sacrifice your time-honored methods for a new paradigm for recruiting. But remaining blind to shifts within the industry isn’t going to do you any favors. Keep in the know with recruiting trends, and try them out when they seem to fit your style.