Many companies now consider developing their business activities offshore for a variety of reasons, including expense, efficiency, and expertise. Potential customers study, solicit input from, and evaluate potential service providers with whom they consider further collaboration in order to find the best software development, partner. Ukraine has recently risen to the top of the list of countries, and customers hire Ukrainian developers as BPO for a variety of reasons.

Why you should choose a Ukrainian IT company to outsource your services?

  • Strong Educational background and expertise

It is probably the biggest reason why hiring Ukrainian developers is a smart idea for your business. Ukraine spends more money on education and, which leads to a higher number of post-graduate students. Ukrainian IT pool is full of talented and experienced developers, which is a good thing to keep in mind when your team is lacking in some skills and quality and can’t be found in the country where the business is located.

  • Lower Costs for Employment

Ukraine appears as one of the cheapest countries in Europe, which has lower costs for employers. The price to outsource your services will costs you twice or thrice lower than those you will pay when hiring in other European countries or The United States.

If you decide to hire a BPO in Ukraine, you won’t just get quality services, but an increased profit as well.

  • Similar Work Ethic and Culture

Labor laws in Ukraine are quite similar to the ones in the USA and other European countries. There comes one big advantage why Ukraine should be your BPO choice. If you decide on ending the agreement, you will need to provide only two weeks notice termination, which in most countries last from two to six months.

Ukrainian developers are quite responsible for doing their work and tend to rely on clear requirements and detailed planning.

Although they might seem distant in the communication, these IT workers are showing respect in their formal communication.

  • Profound Language Skills

Language usually comes as a barrier between businesses around the globe, but that is not the case with Ukrainians. Besides their native languages Ukrainian and Russian, they speak English very fluently. Either in schools or their working places, they have courses provided, and no wonder why the English level is intermediate or upper-intermediate to many programmers, so you don’t have to worry about any communication issues during the BPO process.

  • Growth Opportunities

Many IT events and festivals are held in Ukraine annually and it’s making this country more attractive to the tech community. That brings many successful IT developers together to exchange experiences.

If you check the statistics you can find this country on top of the best cost-effective and most attractive BPO destination in the IT industry around the world.

However, that attractiveness can make your decision on which BPO team to choose even harder. Before you decide, check the reviews and the brands the company or the team collaborated with and choose the one that will seem the best. Many famous brands have already outsourced their IT services to Ukraine, and that tells a lot of why is so attractive in the IT world.