The streak of Zomato’s loyalty programme has been marred with discontinuations and relaunches, and now, the food delivery aggregator has decided to bring back the fourth iteration of its loyalty programme. According to several user reports, Zomato gold has been reintroduced as Zomato started to send out invites to the loyalty programme.

This development is not entirely unexpected, given that CEO Deepinder Goyal had hinted at the return of Zomato Gold in the last days of the previous year. With its reintroduction, the Gold programme will be available to users at a price of ₹149 for a period of three months, which is a discount on the ₹999 quarterly membership. The company refrained from providing the details of an annual subscription plan.

“The new Zomato Gold is a brand-new membership, just with a familiar name. It has exciting new benefits such as free delivery, no delay guarantee, VIP access during rush hour, and many more,” said Zomato.

What does the new iteration of Zomato Gold bring? One of the main highlights is that it will offer unlimited free deliveries – the caveat is that the order value must be above ₹199, and only applicable to restaurants that are less than 10 km away. For another, Zomato will offer a “no delay guarantee” to Gold subscribers, and in case your deliveries are delayed, Zomato will instantly give you a coupon of ₹100. However, some benefits might not work on certain festivals and special days, and the benefits for deliveries and dining out at restaurants can be used only on two devices at a time.

There are also incentives for dining out at restaurants. Zomato, with the new Zomato Gold, brings offers for dining courtesy of the company’s teaming up with over 10,000 restaurants across the country. This will allow Gold users to get discounts of up to 40% while dining out. Last but not least is VIP access during rush hour. During hours of high demand, orders placed by Gold members will be given a higher priority over that of normal users, courtesy of their VIP access via Zomato Gold.

Zomato Gold replaces the company’s Pro membership, which was officially discontinued in August 2022. At that time, the company put a halt on fresh signups and the renewal of existing subscriptions to the Pro and Pro Plus loyalty programmes. Zomato Pro, for its part, had been introduced when the Deepinder Goyal-led unicorn upgraded the Zomato Gold programme at an earlier date.

Customers with a current membership to Pro and Pro Plus will continue to enjoy the benefits of the programmes till February 23, after which they will get a complimentary Zomato Gold membership for three months (until April 25). The members of the Pro and Pro Plus programmes have been notified of the development and are being migrated to the reintroduced Gold. For now, other users can only ask to be notified once the membership programme is available on the app.