Once again, a developer conference has been canceled. The only difference? It is not the pandemic that is at fault this time. The event in question is Meta’s (erstwhile Facebook) F8 developer conference, which will not be held this year.

Meta announced the same in a blog post, saying that they are taking a “brief break in programming.” This will free up time and effort, which the company can then channel to building the metaverse.

Meta’s Director of products and partnerships Diego Duarte Moreira called the metaverse as the next chapter of the company and the next chapter of the internet. This is an echo of Mark Zuckerberg’s words and vision, who believes that the metaverse is the future of the internet. In pursuit of the goal and highlighting its commitment to it, Facebook even rebranded itself to Meta while dealing with the revelations of the Facebook papers.

Moreira said that building the metaverse will be a collaborative effort at every stage – with other companies, creators, and developers alike. He added that they were excited to connect with developers at other developer conferences throughout the year, that is, if they aren’t cancelled at the last moment. The other events include Conversations, the inaugural business messaging event, on May 19. It will be dedicated to businesses, developers, and partners alike, who are interested in building experiences on messaging platforms.

Meta is also looking to connect with devs at Connect, where they will share the latest updates on its AR, VR (an increasing area of focus for the company), and metaverse platform offerings. You may remember that Facebook rebranded itself to Meta in last year’s Connect, so you may expect to hear some big news at this year’s Connect as well.

“In the meantime, check out our developer platforms and tools, partner programs, and ongoing engagement with the developer community through hackathons and competitions at Meta for Developers. Stay up to date on the latest developer news via our newsletter and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels,” the blog post read.