Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This festive season, Amazon has brought Indians a new gift.

The semantics barrier is one that has deterred a lot of Indians from exploring e-commerce over the years, but thanks to Amazon, people may now be one step closer to overcoming that challenge. Even as it is reportedly investigating the conduct of its legal representatives in India, the e-commerce giant has announced that it would be expanding its regional language offering and launching the voice shopping feature in Hindi.

That’s right, once the feature comes out (it is set to arrive ahead of Diwali in early November) you will be able to browse and shop by giving voice commands in Hindi.

Additionally, the regional language support for shopping on Amazon’s site now includes Bengali and Marathi as well. This will be a much-needed update for the Indian market, a big part of which continues to struggle with online shopping, mostly because of the language barrier.

Users will be able to provide voice commands in Hindi to shop, search for their desired items, check the status of orders, and everything they already do on Amazon’s website. The voice shopping feature will only be available to Android users.

“These launches break the language barrier and make e-commerce more accessible and convenient for millions of customers across India,” Amazon India said in a statement. According to the statement, Amazon’s team has worked with expert linguists to develop an accurate and comprehensible user experience in each of the languages and has chosen commonly used terms over perfectly translated words to make the shopping experience authentic, easy to understand, and delightful for customers.

For now, the company will continue to focus on rolling out new features for their customers on voice in order to make their shopping experience more exciting and fulfilling.

“Our aim with regional language shopping experience is to make e-commerce accessible, relevant, and convenient for customers. Every month, tens of millions of customers visit Amazon in regional languages and 90% of the customers are from tier 2 and below cities. This festive season we are happy to expand the Amazon. in experience for our customers in Marathi and Bengali,” said Kishore Thota, Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at Amazon India.