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With COVID at large, the health care infrastructure of every country in the world is under attack. While this is a massive problem, it has created an opportunity for new companies to arise that can help tackle this massive issue and ease the pain on the health care industry. Enter Pristyn Care. The startup operates a very innovative health care platform, and thanks to its groundbreaking offering, it has managed to raise $53 million in its Series D funding round led by Tiger Global Management.

Others like Sequoia Capital, Hummingbird Ventures, and Epiq Capital, also participated in the round.

If you think that’s impressive, what till you hear this- according to the official statement, Pristyn Care has reached a valuation of over $550 million. This means that it is inching closer and closer to the coveted Unicorn status, and if things go well, we might see that happening very soon.

Pristyn Care is a healthcare platform focused on surgeries, while also providing other facilities. What it basically does is bring surgeries to your phone. Well, almost. Using Pristyn’s platform, users can schedule everything surgery related from their phone. This includes diagnostics support, complete health-insurance, claim processing, hospital admission paperwork and more. Moreover, on the day of the surgery, a cab will come to pick you up from your home. However, that’s not where the story ends. After the surgery, the platform also provides home delivery of medicines and post surgery consultation. The only thing it lacks is a doctor jumping through your phone to operate on you. Yet.

The healthcare startup offers about 50 different types of surgeries, including s piles, gynecology, phimosis, varicose veins, DVT, hernia, sinus, gallstones, and cataract among others using advanced medical technology such as Laser, Laparoscopy, Microdebriders.

“Our focus on scaling our surgery offerings and providing a seamless patient experience in India has enabled us to have helped treat more than half a million patients in the past 2.5 years,” said co founder  Harsimarbir  Singh said in a statement.

Currently, the startup runs over 100 clinics spread around 30 cities and towns in India, operates in more than 400 hospitals and has over 300 expert surgeons on-board.

Using this new funding, the company aims to “expand our surgery offerings in more cities and towns and attract international patients seeking treatment in India, treat new disease lines, and invest in brand building,” Singh added.

“By using technology to deliver differentiated experiences and outcomes, Pristyn Care has built the leading consumer-centric surgery provider in India. The market opportunity is huge, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Harsimarbir and his team,” said Scott Shleifer, Tiger Global Management.