Apple iMac

I am gonna be honest, I did not see this one coming. Apple has been notorious for keeping things under wrap until day launch, but this was completely unexpected. The company announced the new iMac at its Spring Loaded event today, launching what is the best iMac to date, for those who like to turn to Apple for their computing needs.

M1 has been an hit, and ushered in an era of revolution in the world of Apple computers.  The chips have provided groundbreaking improvement for Mac laptops, and now the company is extending the love to iMacs as well. The new iMac has been built with the M1 processor and Big Sur OS in mind, as part of Apple’s mission to transistion to home mode processors over time.

The device is just 11.5mm thin, thanks to M1. Let me explain. Before M1, all the chips on an iMac (CPU, GPU and everything else) had to be fitted separately in the display. However, with M1’s design, which contains all these parts on one single chip, Apple was able to save a lot of space and shrink the size of the iMac.

Well, it looks like the idea has worked, because the iMac looks stunning.

The device boasts a 24 inch 4.5k retina display, along with 11.3 million pixels (yes, million with an ‘M’).  Moreover, the screen comes with something called ‘True Tone’ for showing better colors as your surrounding change.

The iMac also comes with a better camera (1080p), and speakers, providing the best experience possible, whether you are engaged in a video call or streaming content. This is achieved by a 6 speaker system.

Now, coming to the performance, which, honestly is the best part about M1, iMac blows its past models in the waters. The device offers 85% better CPU performance and about 2x faster GPU performance (in certain apps) than its predecessor.

Moreover, it boasts 3x better Machine learning speeds, which might not be beneficial to the average user thanks to M1’s neural engine.. However those who use Macs for coding know what a significant jump that is.

The iMac costs $1299, and is available in 4 colors. However, you can buy a more premium version available in 7 colors for $1799 for extra features like.