IBM, on Wednesday, announced its plans to acquire the APM startup Instana for an undisclosed value. The acquisition comes as part of IBM’s effort to advance its Hybrid Cloud and AI Strategy. This comes just a few weeks after the company decided to shift its focus to its hybrid cloud and AI platform, and decided to separate its Infrastructure service unit from its Global Technology Services division, spinning it off as a new company.

The German-American application performance management (APM) startup Instana, was founded in 2015 by Pete Abrams, Mirko Novakovic, Fabian Lange, Pavlo Baron. The acquisition of the startup by IBM will help provide better monitoring and management capabilities to its Hybrid Cloud technology.

“The acquisition will help businesses better manage the complexity of modern applications that span the hybrid cloud landscape. Today’s news further advances IBM’s Hybrid Cloud and AI strategy and strengthens its AI-powered automation capabilities,” IBM said in the press release.

In July, IBM acquired Red Hat Inc. for $34 Billion. The acquisition was central to IBM’s Hybrid Cloud computing technology. Instana, will now compliment the already existing system with its advanced monitoring technology.

“Instana’s observability capabilities combined with IBM’s AI-powered automation capabilities across hybrid cloud environments will give clients a full view of their application performance to best optimize operations,” said Mirko Novakovic, co-founder and CEO, Instana.

With the increase in complexity of the cloud computing services, ease of use and ease of management has become a luxury. IBM’s Hybrid Cloud platform provides its customers with a one-stop portal to access, create and deploy software on multiple cloud services which can be a combination of private and public cloud services. The Hybrid Cloud platform makes communication possible between different cloud services, and allows the user to manage and monitor them form one single place.

The American company, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), has been around from a long time, and was founded in 1911. Since its inception, the company has greatly contributed to innovations in technology, and as of 2020, it has still somehow managed to remain relevant. However, over the years, its goals have shifted, and what started as a hardware based company has now undergone a huge transformation. Some of its offerings that have helped it remain relevant are the cloud-computing services and AI, and they now appear to have become the company’s central focus.

Instana’s acquisition is part of the company’s efforts to expand and improve its cloud-computing services. IBM said that with “the acquisition of Instana, IBM will help companies overcome the challenge of managing application performance across multiple teams, and across 2 to 15 clouds, on average. And it is another example of how IBM is building on its AI-powered automation capabilities.”