Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X and Series S, went on sale in India on 10th Nov. However, the Xbox Series X has already been sold out on both Amazon and Flipkart. The product page on Reliance Digital website is inaccessible and only Series S shows up in the query, which suggests that Series X has also been sold out on Reliance Digital.

It doesn’t come as a surprise though, considering the fact that both the consoles were instantly sold-out when the pre-orders went live in India on Sep 22. “We had our pre-order in India and it sold out instantly,” Spencer said in the interview for talk show Dropped Frames. “We’ve hardly ever sold consoles in markets like that before.”

The highly awaited Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Microsoft’s next-generation gaming consoles. They are sequels to the Xbox One lineup and are directly rivaling Sony’s Playstation 5. Both consoles support the latest raytracing technology, quick resume feature, and offer a fluid gaming experience at up to 120 frames per-second (FPS).

There are many similarities between the two consoles but they are still very different from each other. The Series X comes with a 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive and 1TB SSD, while the Series S entirely lacks an optical drive and comes with a 512GB SSD. The Series X offers 12 teraflops of processing power and supports True 4k gaming resolution, while the Series S offers 4 teraflops of processing power and supports a maximum gaming resolution of 1440P.

The Xbox Series S has a significantly smaller formfactor thanks to the all-digital focused design, while the Series X is much bigger in size and differs in design, but it boasts the best of what Xbox currently has to offer. Regardless of the differences, both consoles provide almost the same gaming experience and are targeted towards different customer demographics.

Both consoles went on sale in India On Nov 10, on Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital and in offline retail stores. The Xbox Series X is priced at ₹ 49,990 and the Series S at ₹ 34,990.

Although Xbox Series X is currently sold-out, Series S is still available to purchase on Amazon and Reliance Digital. But on Flipkart, it strangely says that it is available for pre-order and that it releases on Dec 25, 2020. This could simply be a bug, and it just means that the Series S has also been sold out on Flipkart. For some users, Amazon is showing that the Xbox Series X will be back in stock on Nov 28, but for others it says “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”